HVAC Technician License


Properly trained and qualified HVAC technicians keep all West Virginians safe. But two bills which have passed the West Virginia House of Delegates, and now being considered by the State Senate. will rollback licensing requirements which put West Virginia families at risk.

H.B. 2007 and H.B. 2008 greatly affect licensed HVAC technicians in the state of West Virginia by:

Automatically giving an out-of-state license holder a West Virginia license even if their state refuses to accept a WV license. If their state has no license, they only must show they have worked for 2 years.

Lowers required number of documented work and training hours for HVAC technician licenses from 8,000 to 2,000 hours.

Eliminates any incentive for reciprocity with other states, allows for one-way acceptance of HVAC licensing from out of state to WV.

Wipes out licensing for fire damper technicians completely.

Help stop H.B. 2007 and H.B. 2008. Click here to let members of the State Senate know you oppose proposed legislation to weaken training requirements in West Virginia.