The legislature has proposed laws that make the professional licenses of many health care occupations optional--not required. That means unlicensed people would be able to perform many critical tasks, putting every West Virginian's health at risk.

If you're a healthcare worker in West Virginia, your license is likely under attack.  Introduced in 2019 by the chairman of the House Government Organization Committee, H.B. 2697 seeks to make the licensing requirement optional for most medical professions in the Mountain State. 

This law endangers every West Virginian's health. Patients needing chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, respiratory care, optometry or mental health treatment will all be at risk.

Even the care of our pets and livestock are in jeopardy because this law will eliminate licensing for veterinarians and vet technicians.

Proponents of optional licenses for healthcare occupations in West Virginia claim changing this law will remove barriers to getting a job. However, it will actually just put the public at risk.