Licenses Work WV

All West Virginians are in danger with professional and occupational licensing under attack. In Charleston, a few powerful legislators have tried to eliminate licensing requirements that keep our people healthy & safe.

For example, the proposed Occupational Licensing Consumer Choice Act allows inexperienced and unlicensed individuals to work in various professions, including the medical field, construction, and more. 

What does this mean? It means unqualified people could not only be working on job sites, but in our homes, churches and schools without proper training. It means the healthcare workers who treat us, the EMTs who respond to our emergencies, and the ophthalmologists who care for our vision will NOT be required to pass any tests or obtain a license, putting our health and safety at risk.

This attack on licenses is an attack on the safety of all West Virginians. Will we no longer be able to have trust and confidence in our workforce, and will our lives and property will be left up to chance?

Licenses Work West Virginia is a newly formed organization dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all West Virginians. By bringing together license holders from different backgrounds and occupations, we aim to educate lawmakers and citizens alike, warning them about the potential hazards of an unlicensed workforce. Licensing laws were put in place for a reason, and our coalition will fight to ensure that West Virginia stays safe, healthy, and qualified.

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Workers Who are Under Attack


Unlicensed workers jeopardize safety at home, church and in public buildings.

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Rolling back licensing requirements could negatively impact our healthcare.

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License helps assures that professionals are qualified to do their job.

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